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Historically, when building, renovating or extending your home, you looked at the floor plans on paper or a screen and had to imagine and visualise how the plans would translate to a 1-2-1 scale.

Lifesize Floor Plans is a state of the art projection centre that allows you to walk through your floor plans in real life on a 1-2-1 life size scale, accurately experiencing the size and feel of each room in a tangible way and providing the opportunity to seamlessly make any necessary changes to the plans in advance.

Imagine seeing the layout of your room filled with real furniture within our studio setting

allowing you to make informed decisions before you even break ground or lay a brick

cut ties with endless deliberations and guess work of hoping your plans are going to translate into your dream home or that perfect restaurant layout.

or worse than this safeguard yourself from sleepless nights filled with regret over costly changes to the plans you wish you would have made pre-build and in hindsight.

Let us provide you with the peace of mind that your floor plans are perfect from the start, and if they aren't? your architect or builder can make the changes BEFORE its too late 

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Lifesize Floor Plans



The Benefits of Lifesize Floor Plans

Visualise Your New Home
On A Life-Size Scale

Experience your new build in a wholly new way before
ground is even broken. Walk through your new rooms and
make sure everything is the way you picture it.

Identify Any Potential Future
Issues Before It’s Too Late

Once construction has started, it can be costly to make changes. Add a new layer of oversight by reviewing your
plans and identifying anything that needs fixing.

Peace Of Mind That You’ve
Made All The Right Decisions

Feel safe and secure that you’ve made all the right
decisions and that the home you’re picturing in your
mind will be the home you’re going to get.