Big Investments Mean Big Decisions

Don’t Leave Things To Chance, Make Sure The Plans For Your New Home Are Perfect Before You Start The Building Stage

Out of all the investments you’ll make in your life, A home is certainly going to be one of, if not the biggest investment you will ever make. It’s not just about building your dream house, it’s a place to gather your family and to grow together,

so it’s understandable that you’d want it to be perfect.

It can be difficult to Visualise the Outcome

Through the decision making process and stresses over costs and budgeting, it’s increasingly hard to visualize the home from the PDF plans. Unless you’re an architect or designer, it can be difficult to accurately picture the rooms and floor layouts.


Lifesize Floor Plans uses state-of-the-art technology to project plans onto the floor of our facility, allowing you to walk through your plans in full 1-2-1 size. Walk through the life-sized floor plans of the rooms in your home, evaluate the space, observe the placement of features and use our furniture to get a greater understanding of your new build.